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Vertical Farming
Technical Parameter

Tailor-made as per each project

Indoor vertical farming can be defined as the practice of growing produce stacked one above another in a closed and controlled environment. By using growing shelves mounted vertically, it significantly reduces the amount of land space needed to grow plants compared to traditional farming methods.


The system include below main equipment.

1. The Growing System

The growing tables are made by high quality coated steel. The table are 4-8 layers. Each table has one unit automatic irrigation & fertigation system independently. The nutrition tank is made by PVC welding structure.


2. The LED light: Capacity: 18W/ 40wbase on the crops.


3. The Automatic Irrigation System

Each growing table has the independent automatic irrigation system, the irrigation system includes growing tray, growing foam, nutrition tank, irrigation pump, pipeline, valves, UV disinfection machine, etc.


4. The food grade ABS growing tray

Size: 13500mm(L) X 1530mm(W) and 10800mm(L)X1530mm(W), and each layer growing tray has nutrition level sensor which can help avoiding nutrition overflow. And the high quality growing foam is with growing hole, 15 growing holes each foam.


5. Lettuce nursery equipment

It include nursery trays, growing netpot, cultivation sponge, etc.


6. Other accessories:

pipelines, valves, pumps, filter, UV disinfection machine, sensors, fertilizer buckets, etc. Besides, each table on the top have a monitor box, each box include 1 unit temperature sensor, 1 unit humidity sensor and 1 unit light sensor. The box will monitor each table’s growing environment and will alarm when over temperature in case to protect the crops.


7. Temperature & Humidity Environment Control System

The environmental control is the most critical factor to ensure plant growth, which is directly related to the quality and yield of plant growth. The relationship between temperature and plant growth is very close, and it’s importance to plants lies in the fact that under certain temperature conditions, crops can carry out physiological activities and biochemical reactions in the body; humidity does not only affects crop transpiration and ground evaporation in plant factories, it directly affects plant photosynthetic intensity and disease occurrence. Different crops have different requirements on temperature and relative humidity in the air, so the temperature and humidity should be adjusted according to different crop varieties and the growing season.

Therefore, the design of the environmental regulation system is mainly considered from the aspects of temperature, humidity, light and CO2 except the AC and cooling pad.


8. Humidifier machine


9. Circular fan


10. CO2 supply system

The CO2 gas supplementation system can significantly improve crop photosynthesis, accelerate plant growth, develop root systems, flourish and increase yield and income. The effect of applying CO2 during the plant factory nursery is significant. The CO2 gas supply system of this project adopts a gas bottle type, which can decompress pure high-concentration gas fertilizer and distribute it evenly in the cultivation area through the solenoid valve and the transmission pipeline.


11. Electric Power& Control System

The electric power is including all the necessary electric cables for LED light, circular fan, humidifier machine, pumps, etc.

The control system include PLC, temperature & humidity sensors, touch screen(English language),etc. which can automatic control the irrigation, LED light, circular fan,CO2, also monitor any extra setting. 

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