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Pot Plant Greenhouse
Technical Parameter

Span (m)




Gutter Height(m):


Roof Type:

Round Type, Saw Type

Standard Wind Load:

120KM/Hour (Other Load is Available as per request)

  1. Typical multi-span plastic film greenhouse, stable and good-rustproof galvanized steel structure (life time≥20years).
  2. Covering material: 0.15 or 0.2mm plastic film; single layer film; double layer film; inflated double layer film; F-clean film.
  3. PEP Long Life Film is tri-extruded by the anti-UV layer, anti-static layer and anti-dripping layer. It has the good quality of high light transmission, warm-keep, high light reflection, anti-dust, anti-dripping, anti-fog, insect-proof, long life and large size etc. The life time could be at least 5 years under normal condition.
  4. High heat preservation, and the surface is anti-dust treated.
  5. High light transmission, which can increase the inside light, enhance the photosynthesis function, and then increase the growing density and yield of plants. The total light transmission rate are more than 90%.
  6. Lower cost than PC sheet and GLASS greenhouses.
  7. With made-to-measure environment-controlled systems, offering pot plant the comfortable indoor growing environment against harsh outdoor natural climate, such as 15-28℃ indoor temperature, abundant light for photosynthesis and suitable humidity.    
  8. Extending the growing season, the pot plant production inside glasshouse could be out-of-season with more
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