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Strawberry Glasshouse
Technical Parameter

Span (m)




Gutter Height(m):


Roof Type:

Venlo Roof with 2/3 Ridges

Standard Wind Load:

120KM/Hour (Other Load is Available as per request)


  1. Typical multi-span glasshouse, stable and good-rust proof galvanized steel structure (life time≥20years).
  2. With single or double-layer hollow glass cover, light transmission is around 88%-97% based on selection on clear or diffused glass.
  3. Suitable for high-value fruits’ production, typically as strawberry.
  4. Completed environment-controlled strawberry glasshouse is available based on the demands and the climates in different regions, which includes shading, natural ventilation, cooling or heating, fertigation, cultivation and auto-control systems etc.
  5. The strawberry is very sensitive to the temperature, humidity and light. It offers moderate indoor micro-climate to meet up its various growing requirements from seedling, flowering to fruiting stages.
  6. Accessibility to the off-season strawberry market andyear-round operation.
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