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Fogging System

The high-pressure fogging systems are systems designed to increase humidity and achieve cooling in greenhouses and spaces where it is necessary to obtain the maximum range and the best features from the fogging systems.


The very small particle droplet created by a combination high-pressure fogging system and small-orifice nozzle system provides consistent, instantaneous evaporation and subsequent cooling across the entire greenhouse or for independent climate zones and bays. Used in conjunction with a temperature and relative humidity sensor, the greenhouse controller maintains cooling without overshooting the humidity level. This keeps the air within the required temperature and humidity range without creating drips, droplets or condensation. The system will add fog in large or small increments to control the greenhouse environment for precision cooling. Greenhouse control systems manage humidity levels with ventilation options such as fans and louvres.


The high-pressure fogging system helps plants to stay in balance with the water supply by the root system and with evaporation rate through the leaves – the stomata remain more open. This increases plant productivity and lowers irrigation and energy costs.


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