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Bench System

EBB Table

Ebb and flow table is a high-efficiency water-saving irrigation method named based on the phenomenon of tidal fluctuation.


The ebb and flow system cycles are accomplished with just a few simple hydro components including a central reservoir, a flood tray or modules (buckets), submersible pump(s), timer(s), and sometimes float valves or overflow drains. In most systems, float valves or overflow drains prevent overfilling, while one or two timers control the intervals at which your nutrient reservoirs flood and drain the solution (typically multiple times throughout the day). This straight forward setup with a minimal number of components not only simplifies feeding but also creates a highly effective method of nutrient delivery and root aeration.


Nursery Table

The fixed/movable metal nursery benches, are economical and steady for planting vegetables, flowers, seedlings and crops. The classical style consists of aluminum profile frame and hot dipped galvanized steel tubular supporting components.


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