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Heating System

Stable indoor temperature within the range of plants’ growing demand is one of important and effective guarantee of greenhouse cultivation. Based on the climate of the greenhouse, the scale of the greenhouse, and also the available energy source, various kinds of heating system can be offered, from air heater to boiler.


Boiler Heating System:

The boiler heating system is normally used for the extreme cold climate, and also large scale  greenhouse, the initial investment is much high. The energy sources could be either oil, diesel, or natural gas based on the availibility at greenhouse site. It could have the even and stable heating effect together with the well-designed heating pipe inside the greenhouse.


Air-heater Heating System:  

The air-heater is normally used for the not too cold regions, with not high demand of heat in the winter time. It could also works with different engery resources, like oil, diseal, or electricity. It is normally used together with the air tube in front of the heater, so that it could distribute the hot air to the other side of greenhouse. It is a very good option for the location with short winter time, and also economical for greenhouse starters.

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