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Artificial Lighting System

Function & Advantage:
-Make up enough light during poor-sunshine time in winter season or foggy/rainy/snowy days
-Good helper for flower forcing,fruits’ sugar-degree increasing and going to the market ahead
-Effective way for yield & benefit improving

Both agricultural high-pressure sodium light (HPS) and LED light are available based on the production corps’ varieties and investment budget.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights are High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. They operate and emit light when an electrical current is passed through a tube filled with the inert gas xenon and a gas that is a mix of sodium and mercury vapor. The resulting light is strong in the orange/red spectrum at around 2200K.

Beside, most growers prefer LEDs because of the following benefits:
-Saves on your electricity bill (uses less electricity to produce the same amount of light and produces less heat that you often have to cool)
-Saves long term on operating costs (due to less maintenance costs)
-Speeds up crop growth, which can increase yields
-Lowers operating temperatures (don’t give off heat)
-Uses about 60% less energy than traditional lights

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