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Ventilation System

Installing a proper ventilation system is crucial for carbon dioxide replacement and air circulation within a greenhouse. Plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, so its level keeps dropping inside the greenhouse. Fresh air brings more carbon dioxide with it and replenishes the decreased levels. Without proper ventilation, plants can’t thrive and eventually die down.


Moreover, poor air circulation can increase humidity levels that can negatively affect plant activity and lead to plant diseases and pests. On the other hand, a consistent air exchange will help plants flourish by maintaining an optimal temperature range. Without adequate air circulation, a greenhouse will get too hot on one side and too cold on another.


A: Roof Ventilation

Roof vent windows allow hot air inside the greenhouse to escape out while cooler fresh air from outside the greenhouse flows in to replace it. The roof vent window will be opened and closed by the motor, rack and pinion system automatically; each span will have one or two units of motorized roof vent window.


B:Side Ventilation

The side vents will be opened and closed by the film roller electrically/manually; the opening size of the roof can be controlled easily. It’s the very economical ways to control the side vent. Also the side vent could using electrical window drive by rack and pinion.


The film roller will also be provide outside the cooling pads, so that it could be fully closed during the time you don’t use the cooling system, and no sand will enter into the wet pad and greenhouse.

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