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Greenhouse Project in Saudi Arabia is Under Installation
Date: 2024-04-15 Browse:56

Sangreen is currently installing a 20000sqm greenhouse project in Al Shaqra, Saudi Arabia, which is around 250km from Riyadh. The greenhouses are covered by high quality 8mm double-layer polycarbonate sheet with 10 years guarantee. It could provide excellent thermal insulation also to meet the light needs of the crops.


The greenhouse project is also equipped with wet pad & fan for forced cooling. Pad and fan systems are one of the most popular and effective cooling methods used in commercial greenhouses worldwide, especially in the Gulf region where summer temperatures are high.


Moreover, the project also includes both outside and inside shading system. The outside shade curtain will provide an additional cooling solution by blocking the heat before it enters into the greenhouse, which could significantly reduce the temperature. At the same time, the inside shade thermal screen could also cool down the temperature in summer, and maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse during winter season, so as to reduce the energy loss.


Let’s look forward to the completion of this project soon!


For Further Details:

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