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Flower Greenhouse
Technical Parameter

Span (m)




Gutter Height(m):


Roof Type:

Venlo Type, Round Type, A Type

Standard Wind Load:

120KM/Hour (Other Load is Available as per request)

  1. Typical multi-span polycarbonatesheet greenhouse, stable and good rust proof galvanized steel structure (life time≥20years).
  2. With agricultural corrugated or double or multi layers hollow polycarbonate sheet cover, the light transmission is 70-90% based on the type of products..
  3. UV-protection and anti-drip layers of the polycarbonate sheet offers its long life for 10 years.
  4. Suitable for high-value flowers’ production, especially in extremely cold or hot area.
  5. Completed environment-controlled PC house is available based on the flower varieties and the climatesin different regions, which includes shading, natural ventilation, cooling or heating, fertigation, cultivation and auto-control systems etc.
  6. Helpfully to produce flower with good quality and stable quantity against fluctuate outdoor environment.
  7. A Polycarbonate greenhouse outlasts glass: the polycarbonate matrix makes it tough enough to stand up to extremetemperature, environmental changes and human accidents. Two hundred times stronger than glass and easy replace, polycarbonate gives you peace of mind.
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