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Shade House
Technical Parameter

Span (m)






Roof Type:

Flat Roof, Round Roof

Standard Wind Load:

100KM/Hour (Other Load is Available as per request)

  1. Typical multi-span shade net greenhouse, stable and good-rustproof galvanized steel structure (life time≥20years).
  2. Insect net greenhouse is greenhouse structure covered by insect net on roof and four sides. This type of greenhouse is to prevent the insect damage to the plant. But the environment inside and outside greenhouse is same and no function of sunlight control or avoid rainfall influence.
  3. Shading greenhouse or shading house is normally used in tropic zone or sub tropic zone or the area with low requirement of planting environment. It also used as a temporary facility. It is built by steel frame structure and fixed or movable shading certain on top.
  4. In order to avoid insects and other fenestration sundries entering into the greenhouse, the greenhouse adopts 25/40/50 type (every square inch has 25/40/50 holes) insect net according to insect species. Use the spring lock and base channel to fix the net on the window framework, neat appearance, and will not affect windows open and close.
  5. Experiments show that it can effectively prevent the insect, provide a good environment for plant growth, and ultimately achieve good economic results. With the suitable mesh density, the ventilation effect could also be fully guaranteed.


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